History Boys: 2008/09 Uncovered

I’ve been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to write an original feature series for Brentford this season – History Boys: 2008/09 Uncovered. 

An idea I’ve been wanting to pursue for the last couple of years, I essentially speak to the squad that won the League Two title in 2008/09, noting their best memories and seeing where their careers have taken them in the 10 years since. These features are then written up and published in the official matchday programme.

Click on the links below to read each of the players’ interviews in full…

  • Glenn Poole
  • David Hunt
  • Andy Scott
  • Nathan Elder
  • Marvin Williams
  • Marcus Bean
  • Mark Phillips
  • Kevin O’Connor
  • Karleigh Osborne
  • Peter Gilham
  • James Wilson
  • Charlie MacDonald
  • Ryan Dickson
  • John Halls
  • Jordan Rhodes
  • Adam Newton
  • Ben Hamer
  • Damian Spencer
  • Craig Pead
  • Darren Powell
  • Billy Clarke
  • Alan Bennett
  • Sam Wood

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