Sky Sports | January 2017

As per usual, please find the articles I wrote at Sky during January, below.

Saturday 14 January

Friday 27th January

I provided live updates on the FA Cup fourth round tie between Derby and Leicester – which ended 2-2 – after I had compiled FA Cup previews for Millwall vs Watford, Man Utd vs Wigan and Fulham vs Hull. Unfortunately these previews have now been replaced by the match reports so I can’t link to them on here, but below is the commentary of the Derby Leicester game.

Tuesday 31st January

My first deadline day at Sky Sports! I wasn’t working on the transfer side of things this year, but it was eye-opening to see the much awaited day behind the scenes. I worked on the EFL Live! blog for the evening as we gave both match and transfer updates. I also wrote a few post match bits that you can read below.


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